segunda-feira, agosto 13

Taquiñita de mi corazón

That night i tought it was a good idea to write a story.

A story about myself 4 years later sharing with my friends in my local town, drinking the local beer and beeing as always. I had a feeling of unity i can't describe, i was happy and jolly.

All the guys where happy too. We got drunk very fast. I don't know why but somehow that was a blury night. Feelings where mixed, people was happy trying to be happy trying to be. I was just smiling pretending to be a winner, trying to feel happy.

I don't know.

I don't remember i got drunk and stoned and ...

This usually happens to me when i'm on high sensations, whenever i don't know.

I wanted to write a story about that night and i can't go on telling no more, it was a story of beer, smiles and happines. Or i want to keep that sensation close to my heart, or i want to write in spanish to express myself more accurately, or...

This seams to be the way, trying and trying again to built a whole, to find a sense. I was drunk because i was trying to be me and couldn't find me in the process, i was drunk because i was trying to be happy?. I don't know... someone in my family is a drunkard, it's sad.

I'll be thinking this days (again) who am i. Where? Where to?

I like it here in my heart. I don't want to be for you, i want to be for me.

This is not a story no more.

The story of me.

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